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Plant People

Plant People


NYC-based Plant People is where modern science meets ancient plant wisdom. We produce high-performance hemp and herbal supplements in the USA. Our practitioner-formulated products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO and rooted in regenerative agriculture. Our mission is to heal and connect people and the planet through the power of plants. And, to give back to those plants that heal us, we plant a tree for every product sold!

We are Plant People, not CBD People. Although CBD is a common thread between our products, we emphasize all botanicals. We use various adaptogens, nootropics, and oils to enhance different elements of the hemp plant's healing powers. 

We are partnered with American Forests, and plant a tree for every product we sell! We use completely herbicide and pesticide free farms, post-consumer and recyclable packaging. We are rooted in efficacy, education, and regeneration of the environment. 

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