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Powder Capsules

Plant People CBD Capsules are a perfect blend of single origin hemp-derived CBD, minerals, and herbs for synergistic support- day or night.  

Suggested use: begin by taking 1-2 caps at night time for three days. Continue to use every day for optimal results. Do not take more than three caps a day. 450mg of CBD, 30 capsules in total. Available in two options: 

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Plant People Calm capsules support the body’s response to stress, promote balance and awareness, and boost body and brain function with a beneficial blend of single origin CBD and clinical strength adaptogenic and nervine herbs. 

Ingredients: single origin hemp CBD, albizia bark and flower, avena sativa (oat), ashwagandha, schizandra berry, holy basil leaf, L-Theanine. 

Plant People Everyday+ capsules are the perfect daily supplement. A blend of single origin, sun-grown CBD and magnesium citrate, these capsules promote and maintain body and brain function and reduce residual stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: single origin hemp CBD, magnesium citrate (naturally chelated for bioavailability). 

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