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Oral Strips

Cloverstrips are a great tasting, all-natural way to get your CBD. These discreet strips rapidly dissolve on your tongue for a convenient experience. Cloverstrips' blends of cannabinoids and natural ingredients are formulated for positive effects on your lifestyle and health. 

In three delicious flavors, each with unique profiles. 10mg CBD per strip, 10 strips per container.


Harmony: Mint Zing oral strips from Cloverstrip offer an invigorating menthol taste that fills your taste buds with delight while cooling and soothing the mouth.


Melody: Lingonberry oral strips from Cloverstrip will delight you with a tart, slightly-sweet wild berry flavor.


Serenity: Citrus Zest oral strips from Cloverstrip offer a blend of sweet & sour citrus tastes that sends a burst of flavor to your tastebuds.

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